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Intuitive Creation

Hello! I'm Corinne, a Mixed Media Artist and lightworker based in Nottingham. My work is mainly wildlife and botanical based but is often informed by my spiritual background.
I am experienced in Reiki, Spiritual Counseling, Divination.

The spirit dimension connects to me through imagery, in visions or via my oracle cards. This led me to create a process that would help others to access this part of themselves as well. In this workshop you will be building imagery and learning to link into higher energies.

At the beginning of the session I will take you through a specially channeled meditation to connect and align your energies. This will put us all in a relaxed and receptive state for creativity.

Following this, we will go into the art workshop. Intuitive art is a process that allows images to form by letting go of preconceived ideas. It is a way of tapping into your higher self and bringing forth concepts that you may not be able to express via words alone. Singing or body movement is exactly the same.

Using your Intuition to create means things come from your heart centre and not your head. Being able to tap into that stream of consciousness is a valuable tool that can be applied to most areas in life, not just art.

Primarily we will be using collage as a means of expression, along with some other mixed media. Collage is a very accessible tool, and is easy to pick up without too much thought or prior experience.
It will be an unstructured, free session with as much technical or spiritual support as you require. At the end of the workshop we will reflect on the day and our pieces.

This will be a no pressure environment, just a fun and interesting way to direct your energy! I would like to share with you what I know, to help you along on your own art and or spiritual journey.

Saturday October 19th, 2-6pm at the Elephant Rooms in Draycott, Derbyshire.
Everything will be provided for the day, although feel free to bring your own yoga mat if you wish. Light refreshments will be served also.
Violet Lake Studio