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Chair Based Exercise Day for Yoga teachers

Lets' bring more fun and creativity into our communities. Please join me in this 1 day, fun packed, creative play and exercise workshop day.

Practical sessions incorporate a mix of:

1 - Guided head to toes relax/simple meditation
2 - Head to toes joint moves & tension release of the head, face, neck and shoulders
3 - Face exercises /self rejuvenation
3 - Simple massage of the face & bodily parts: nourishing the knees
4 - Creative play/ imaginative group fun exercises:
** Paint a picture
**Bake a cake
**Story telling
**Mix a milkshake/cocktail
**Clapping and numbers activities
**Tongue twisters & poems
**Positive shares
**Use of simple sound tools: singing bowl, chimes & bells
*15 minutes mat/floor based session

I will talk about how to guide/run classes for the various groups and explain cautions/boundaries.

I will run through 2 practical sessions, showing you how I run my classes - 1 in the a.m and 1 in the p.m. After each session I will break down and guide you how the classes flow, each part by part, so as you can remember, giving you chance to write out in your own words. (Brief session tips/notes will be given). I am happy to also email out to you some of the relaxation scripts I use.

This session guides you to work /run sessions for people less abled bodied, or seated charity events, places where people can't get to the floor/have mats etc

Where you can use these sessions: Care homes, the mature crowd, charity/carers groups, aged care, mental health groups, for people who've suffered a brain injury, Stress busting, fayres, corporate events or where ever you see fit to run, incorporating with your sessions/classes/workshops.

Who is this workshop for?

Qualified Yoga teachers, therapist with knowledge of chair activity, care home workers, teachers, mental health workers. (Ideally suiting people with knowledge/qualification of A&P, yoga or exercise.)

****This workshop day, does not come with a qualification, however for experienced teachers, body work therapists, with already knowledge you will learn many practices, tools and tips, to gain the confidence or enhance the sessions you already run - I have found as a yoga teacher, practicing common sense, being aware of your groups levels and limitations then your insurance and teaching qualification is good enough***

If you have any queries re this please feel free to speak to me - 07527-310605.

Venue: Elephant Rooms - Draycott, Nottinghamshire - Has full use of kitchen, lounge and garden for relax in the breaks.

Times: 9.30 arrival start at 9.45 - finish around 4.30p.m.

Fee: £64 - Concessions are possible for low income, as I know some therapist and yoga teachers work part-time - Please ask me.

(You can charge for a 1 off anything from £35 - £70, or weekly £35, so you will soon gain your money back).

I Provide: fruit & nuts, herbal teas are available - Please bring your own light packed lunch. Donation to Save Elephant Foundation on the day for cups of tea, as Elephant Rooms is a charity - Thank you!

I am happy to give a pay receipt for your accounts/proof of attendance of the day for your CPD records.

I've found it very humbling to teach with various groups in the community, aged care, for people who've suffered a brain injury or stroke and various carers groups. It's a pleasure to see peoples faces light up, laugh and smile. Taking people back to a child like state, allowing fun, bringing some lightness to people's day & life. There's a big need for more of us to go out into the community, to boost health and well-being and share these up-lifting skills to a wider audience.

Please message me your email address and I'll send to you the booking/pay details info!

I have run several training days for teachers and therapists, here and overseas. I've over 1000 hours yoga training and hold a certificate as a Laughter Yoga Leader trainer.

Thank you..Namaste!

To book: Inner Freedom
Victoria - 07527 310605


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