Elephant Rooms health and Wellbeing Centre

Elephant Rooms is a not for profit social enterprise specialising in the provision of a safe and tranquil environment for the promotion of community health and wellbeing.  The vision is:

To provide a diverse range of natural therapies, classes and workshops promoting health and wellbeing for the local community.
The objective is to provide something for everyone; a wide range of therapies and treatments across the spectrum focussed on natural health and wellbeing.

What’s in the name?

When choosing the name of the business we knew we wanted something that reflected the history of the building. The historical records show that the original barn was built in Jacobean times and as such is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, building in Draycott village. The original use of the barn was agricultural but the buildings have also been used as a dairy, joiner’s workshop, coffin maker and an inn and more recently the Beetroot Tree art gallery.

When researching the history I came across an article reporting that when the circuses came to Draycott the only building big enough to house the elephants was this one. Toying with the idea of elephant being in the name I visited Sheffield, on exiting the station I came face to face with two very large and colourful elephants, part of the Herd of Sheffield art-trail. The trail included 58 elephants, each individually designed by different artists. The name Elephant Rooms was sealed!


Meet Flo.

Meet Flo.

Elmer’s Auntie

Having settled on the name Elephant Rooms I began coveting the Sheffield Elephants (all 58 of them!) At the end of the summer each of the elephants were auctioned off with the proceeds going to Sheffield Children’s Hospital to buy a life saving multipurpose fluoroscopy system.

We were fortunate (and lucky) enough to acquire Elmer’s Aunty (our matriarchal figurehead) designed by Birmingham based artist Sue Guthrie
Elmer’s Aunty is known as‘Flo’ named after Sue Guthrie’s Grandmother.


Hi, I’m Helen, one of the proprietors. Elephant Rooms is set up in response to my belief that therapies, classes and workshops should be available and affordable to everybody. I wanted to create a tranquil space for therapists, clients and anyone who visits, to come and create a supportive community that promotes health and wellbeing.

I have a degree in Complementary Therapies and have been practising Shiatsu for the past 12 years, and more recently as a counsellor and psychotherapist with a PGdip in Person Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and am a member of BACP. I tailor treatment for each client depending on their needs and can do stand alone treatments or a combination of the two.

I have knowledge across a broad spectrum of therapies and am available to discuss individual requirements if you are unsure as to what treatment you would like.